B.C. Boating

On the way back to Europe after three weeks paddling in north part of B.C. We came to Canada to paddle a Stikine river, but we were not lucky  for water level. The Stikine has been super high all time when we were in Canada. Three time more water what we wish to have. We have great time in B.C. anyway. Up north is a town Terrace, there is local well know paddler Corey Boux, so our group stuck in his house for a while.

We been paddling there almost every day and got super good boating with few missions. Unbelievable how big potential for white water has this area. We did classic runs and there is so many first descent just few kilometers out of town. I guess that some one could spent all season a paddle every day new river with solid WW.

Weather was a bit issue, cause looks that this year came winter a bit earlier and we got sometimes fresh snow, lots of rain and lots of rivers with high water. This area is for me something new, I live in Europe so I was amaze all the time, when I saw so many salmons in rivers. Waiting for mine buddies in the eddy and watching huge salmons how every second try to jump to waterfall. Sometimes grizzly bear was check in us, what we are up in middle of nowhere. Awesome wild life.

Last days our trip we move a bit south and did some big white water run, secret rapids :), river has 2000cm3 or 70 000cfs, after that some creeks like a run on Rain or Daisy lake run on Chickamus.

Even that weather wasn`t cooperate with us so well, it was super good trip and we were paddling something what is not super well know. We will come back for Grand canyon of Stikine next time for sure, but right know we know, that we are going to stop on the way back from Stikine and gonna run few short box canyon around Terrace.

Already look forward for more paddling in B.C.

Have a good day

Honza Lasko

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