Chile Update

by Logan Greyling, Chris Baer and Tyler Curtis
by Logan Greyling, Chris Baer and Tyler Curtis

Jakub Sedivy:

After I came back from the BC mission with Honza, I spent a month back home and was ready for more paddling. It was getting pretty cold back in good old Europe and I was holding a ticket to Santiago de Chile and sipping a hot wine in Frankfurt waiting for my flight. Perfect. The flight went fine and after a day or so sitting in the plane I was met by my friend from Czech Mira Kodada. The way south was interrupted by a short stop in downtown Santiago and then we were off to Los Quenes to hit the first Chilean rapids. Unfortunately I was not able to get my creekboat on the plane and it turned out Mystics are super hard to get in Chile. Bummer. My friend Todd from Chilean Adventures hooked us up with the boats and we spent the next couple days paddling on the Teno. Great riverrunning with some big class 5 sections at our spring flow. I would say pretty similar to Oetz with not many eddies and it's almost 40kms of it. Great river to warm up.

Few days later, my  buddy from States Mike Goglin joined us and we were on the way to infamous Rio Claro and it's teacup waterfalls. Perfect clean drops in a beautiful narrow canyon with no escape and often no ways to scout. All the drops were good to go and with some beta information from Dave Hughes we ran the 22 and 7 teacups as well as a part of Entre
Salto section.

by Logan Greyling, Chris Baer and Tyler Curtis
by Logan Greyling, Chris Baer and Tyler Curtis

From the Claro we were on the way to Pucon, hitting the river Ancoa on the way. Unfortunately the river is soon to be dammed and the construction is fully underway destroying the otherwise beautiful valley.

Pucon is a chapter for itself. I was planning to spend a week there and ended up staying for a long time , boating and partying for almost 2 months. Wonderful. The levels this year are just wicked. The rain keeps the rivers high and as soon as it looks like they gonna dry out it starts pouring again filling the waterways to optimal. The life in Pucon had been amazing and the days were just flying by. I paddled almost every river in the area. The crew there has been super strong and sharing the stories of fame and broken paddles, boats and lost gear afterwards in famous Mamas y Tapas bar. I had no clue how fast I can learn chilean spanish after few glasses of local Cristal beer.

Before christmas, I teamed up with Tyler Curtis and Logan Greyling and after some time of organizing and dealing with chilean vehicle bureaucracy we left up north.
The beautiful valley of Laja was where we spent christmas eve. After paddling the river, we found a great camp and started our Xmas dinned feast of sausages, beer, wine and chocolate. There is nothing else like spending Xmas in the heart of Andes with friends.

Back in Pucon, we came into rainy season again. The rivers were filled and we were looking forward to New Years Party in the party town of Chile. Celebrated the last day of the year on the Ojos of Caburgua waterfall and joined the party later that night.  Lots of things to be said and even more to not to be shared at all. Simply off the hook.

The first week of January I got my Mystic. So glad to back in this great boat. Thanks to Mafred and Hans Denk to get it for all the way to Chile.  I took it straigh for a week of coaching kids for the Cascade Kayak school from Idaho. After couple days of paddling around Pucon we went up north again stopping in Pichilemu, Los Quenes and Claro. Weather perfect and the kids were stoked by paddling in Chile. Super fun group to work with and many great kayakers to be seen on the rivers in the next years.

by Logan Greyling, Chris Baer and Tyler Curtis
by Logan Greyling, Chris Baer and Tyler Curtis

Back in Pucon eddy to regroup, I celebrated 2 months in Chile with couple asados and my second time down the Middle Palguin in a Mystic this time. Sweet.

At the moment I am writing this report from the remote and wild Futaleufu valley, where I have been coaching and taking photos for Whitewater Chile. There is no internet here and I hope to be able to send this report soon enough before much more stuff happens and it becomes outdated again.



Jakub Sedivy

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    Robert (Donnerstag, 28 Januar 2010 13:29)

    Nice report.
    I love the pictures!

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    Jakub (Donnerstag, 28 Januar 2010 15:54)

    Hola, the photos are taken by Chris Baer and Logan Greyling. Thank you guys