Costa Rica adventure

Honza Lasko: We spend four weeks in Costa rica and I have to say that was really cool after all and happy that we go there. We had not good luck for water first ten days, but still a chance to paddle some classics first on pacific site, like Narancha Labirint or some solid runs around Turialba, which is center of white water in Costa rica. After ten days start raining and we thought, that local river can`t never fill up them KORYTA during dry season. So when we pass Toro Amarilo looks there is just perfect level, someone in car said that could be a little more, so we drove on put in and start paddling TIPICAL class ww4+ in Costa rica. Probably after one minut paddling we relised, that water is probably to high. Took us nest 500 meters then we could take a first eddy, between that all us already got some beating in nasty holes. Water was three time more then is upper level. We finish our run to first bridge and took off with all respect, but definitely scary boating. This days Costa rica got flood which flows from CARIBIC.

So next week we were cruising around and try to find river which is have not to much water or paddling scenic grade 2 river which was this time big 4+ white water. We were lucky to paddling local creek, which needs super high water, Pozo Azul, Rio Macho was really nice to got and discover some local hard and steep creeks. When water strat dropping down, which tooks almost a week we try Toro Amarilo again and was nice river with huge bolders, which we could see last time. Anyway after while we got just ten days left and we got ready for local pearl`s like river Patria, Chiripo pacifico and Chiripo Atlantico. We had this river in head from home and was our goal to do it here.  About this in next story.



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    Asley (Montag, 15 Februar 2010 10:39)

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