Two life`s of Costa Rica

Honza Lasko: How i say in last story, big days on the water just should come during last two weeks in Costa Rica. We were in touch with local hero Ferdinad and he show us a trek to Rio Patria. Definitely one of the highlights of our trip. There was really interesting trek. Probably we would never find a river without Ferdinad. After three hours of sliding thru dense rainforest we finally get a small creek, which was tributary of Patria. we paddled this creek for 20 minutes and volume was probably 1cm3 plus. I have to say, that was sometimes super scary. you run blind over drops where is no water, but we did it and before us was seven hours of steep creeking.


we started walking six a clock and forgot pack our stuff for all day, so with two chocolate bars we were paddling quit fast, no one wants to stay here over night. Awesome gorge with small drops and still keep going for at least 15 kms. There was few crucial rapids, which we finely need to scout, but all smooth and super happy, that we had chance to paddle one of the best run in Costa rica.

after that all our focus was for Chiripo, biggest mountain in Costa rica. From west side is rio Pacifico and from east side rio Atlantico. Both rivers are super cool. Pacifico steep small volume, like Corsica stuff and Atlantico is deepest canyon in Central America and already big river.  First we went for pacifico and we were not lucky enough to get good water, So paddle just one section. We decide to got one day rest on the beach and be ready for Atlantico. No one know what`s going down there. During this season no one paddled Chiripo Atlantico, so local kayakers direct us to village where we should start walking and after that no one know how is going to be. We pack food for few days, camping gear and start walking.

Trek took us almost half day and we pass al the time tribe people who probably never left this valley. Incredible to see people live them live with out touch of civilization and 50km far is touristic town with all modern stuff. Anyway we put in during afternoon and paddle just few kilometr`s. Palo find out, that his boat is crack, which was good start specially before deepest canyon in country. We camp on nice small beach and early morning we paddled to canyon. This day was incredible, pushing water, deep gorge and funny times during hard rapids. We did it with some funny times, but with out any swims, which would be crucial.

so that was it, after that we did some more rivers around Turialba, but this two rivers was definitely best what we could paddle in Costa Rica.


Honza Lasko

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